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★☆Wolfka☆★ (formerly known as ★☆MARIE☆★) is a Miiverse artist. She is 35 years old.

==Art and Style== 

Wolfka's art style is very diverse. She is well known for her optical-illusional pixel-art drawings, cat drawings, and her works on Art Academy: Sketchpad. Her symbol and sign of signature/approval is the shape of a cat's paw. She commonly draws according to the seasons. Also, by looking through her gallery, her fondness of cats and felines can be easily recognizable. Some of her works are allusions towards popular video game franchises, songs, or moral quotations. Her art has a obvious hint of Gothic style although she always somehow manages to light that style up interestingly.


Wolfka, as she states on her Miiverse profile comment, likes the following things:

•The Legend of Zelda series

•Duck Hunt (NES)

•Naruto, Bleach, other manga


•Metal & Rock Music

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