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Apaln San (born September 25, 1999) is an American, wide-variety Artist on Miiverse. He has been drawing for many years outside of Miiverse before his debut and he is self-taught. He is 14 years old.

Art Career on Miiverse

Apaln San's Miiverse account has existed since the December of 2012. At first, he did not notice or care much about his Miiverse account's capabilities. He did not quite know how it worked or what was the signifigance of it. He at first, only made comments and gave out game tips, but didn't find fame from that. His drawing career on Miiverse started in June of 2013, after getting out of school for summer break. He didn't quite plan his break, so in the early days of it, he checked Miiverse, and tried drawing. He first found the drawing mechanism slippery, but soon was able to stabilize his abilities and master them on the Wii U gamepad. Since then, He has gained hundreds more followers and the average number of Yeahs for his posts have greatly increased. He enjoys seeing the art of others, and going on yeah sprees; commonly giving encouragement in the process.

Style and History of Art interests

Apaln San has been interested in art since a very young age. His style is influenced by his random ideas and inspiration, and the fact that he is a self-taught artist as mentioned above. The fact that he is interested in artistic activities has made him a standout and drawn attention amongst his peers in real life, as there are few artists where he lives. This encouraged him to further pursue his abilities. He enjoys taking nature walks and draws in his inspiration from the world and those around him. He believes that people should be free to express their own ways and styles, and hopes people can experience the wonderous freedom of self-taught art like he had. He is currently studying further into the ways of Manga and Anime art.


•With his art, he is interested in literature as well. He is currently working on writing a novel which he hopes to publish soon.

•He loves plants and flowers. During the summer, he will spend long hours in the garden taking care of plants.

•He is allergic to sunblock and sunscreen

•His real name is Hanson



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