Archdan's Mii.

Archdan is an Australian Miiverse user. He was honored as Miiverse Artist of the Year 2014 by Wii U News (Folkloner).

PotD drawings Edit

Starting on April 2014, Archdan began making illustrated comments on Sakurai's Pic of the Day Posts. Archdan made sure to make his comment within the last 100 comments of each post. There was another user known as "The Bard" who would always make a hand-drawn comment for Sakuria's PotD posts, but The Bard kept trying to make sure Archdan didn't have a chance to comment. This rivalry soon ended and both users no longer fought for their posting rights.

Lonely Roy

The Lonely Roy Edit

Around the time Super Smash Brothers 4 was released, Archdan began a series of comics featuring the life of Roy (from Fire Emblem) as a retired Smasher.