Carlos(SF) is an average Miiverse artist with good penmanship.


Speedy the Hedgehog, his main character

His original character is named Speedy the Hedgehog, who is a 14 year old fanmade character. According to this stats painting, he is 3 inches shorter than Sonic, he also has a crush on Amy Rose (SEGA). He can control Chaos powers without an emerald. His fur is indigo-blue-ish and his eyes are gold colored.


Speedy and Amy kissing.


  • He has joined Miiverse since December 25, 2014, but hasn't posted until 5 months later.
  • His favorite song is Dreams of an Absolution, from the Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Official Soundtrack.
  • His favorite anime is Sword Art Online, it seems.
  • His birthday appears to be in August 29th.
  • Since his character is fanmade, he can do anything he wants with the series, therefore he had Speedy have a crush on Amy.

    Sword Art Online (Speedy and Amy)