J★VαΙεηçία's Mii

J★VαΙεηçία (NNID: ShadowMario90) is a 25-year old Miiverse user from the United States. He is a general Nintendo fan and most of his artwork is centered around the Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda and Kid Icarus series.

"Bad News Bowser" Edit

This is a recurring series on J★VαΙεηçία's profile which started in Febuary 2014. The premise of this series is of Bowser summarizing a month's worth of Nintendo news and bragging about ways that it would benefit him and not anyone else. J★VαΙεηçία himself said this was based off of Wade Barret's "Bad News Barret" from WWE.

The Pit Edit

The premise of this series is one where Pit stars as a talkshow host. The Pit was started on December 2014.


Bad News Bowser
The Pit