J.A.C (NNID:ToonDisney) is a U.S. user with a blue-shirted Mii that's a slight modification of the default design.


J.A.C is a fan of both the Super Smash Bros and Animal Crossing series, as many of his drawings involve characters from those games.  He's also shown an adoration for Disney and Warner Bros. animation.

J.A.C's history with AikaEdit

One of the mascots for J.A.C's Miiverse profile is fanmade AC character known as Aika, whom he had adopted after her original creator abandoned her.  Since the confirmation of the AC Villager in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, J.A.C has been hoping that the Villager would be fully customizable so that he would be able to play as Aika in SSB.  This didn't seem to be the case, and made a drawing of Aika drowning herself around e3 2014 to symbolize his lost hope.  However, J.A.C couldn't bare to have Aika killed off so he worked on a mini-arc where Aika was revived.  Aika not only returned as a regular in J.A.C's drawings, but he also uses her as his avatar in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and in Tomodachi Life.