PrincesLua Mii

The Gaming Fairy Princess

PrincesLua (NNID: LunaPrincessJato) is a Miiverse user with a small, pink Mii with a brown complexion, brown hair with long pigtails and big, sparkly eyes.  Her Mii's design is based off of her OC persona, "Luna-PrincessNinjato".


PrincesLua is a general Nintendo fan, posting mainly on Miiverse communities that are related to Mario, the Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Pokemon and Sonic the Hedgehog. Lua's has what can be considered as a "cutesy" style in her artwork.


  • A Game & Wario community post confirmed that PrincesLua's favorite game is Puyo Pop Fever
  • PrincesLua's username was originally "Princess"
  • A Super Mario Bros. 3 community drawing posted by PrincessLua served as the inspiration for Philip and Rebecca to begin writing ideas for their respective visions of what a modern-day Super Mario Bros. cartoon series would be like.