Yami -chan's Mii

Yami-chan (real name unknown) is a Miiverse artist best known for her anime drawings.


Not much is known. It is known she is around 15 to 19 years old, and she loves anime.

SYCB (stop Yami-Chan brigade). Incident

One day, a user captainJJC finally snapped. He believes her posts are too inappropriate for people. When remarking that on one of yami's latest posts, she blocked him in hopes of not getting reported, he then made a brigade abbreviated by SYCB. Others quickly agree with him. It's Unknown if he actually reported her or not.


•Her boyfriend Erik is also on Miiverse

•She has a picture of her cosplaying as a anime character that got deleted for being inappropriate, she has however posted a edited version of this drawing.

*She wasn't active from November 2014 to late June 2015 due to being sick with a unknown ilness.



A drawing by Yami-Chan.